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The Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers: Keeping the Dream of Farming Alive

As older farmers retire, fewer young farmers are stepping in to take their place. The number of beginning farmers dropped 20 percent in the last five-year census period, and the average US farmer now tops 58 years of age. more

CIAS Mini-Grants Support Graduate Student Research in Sustainable Agriculture

CIAS supports innovative graduate student research addressing the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized farms and food businesses. Awarded annually, our competitive mini-grants aid students as they initiate their research in sustainable agriculture and food systems. more


Announcing the 2019 Market Farm Madness Champion!

Hoophouse is your 2019 Market Farm Madness champion! They withstood high winds, late snow storms and controversy over cost share payments to win the tournament. more

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Comparing Apples to Apples: Single-Varietal Hard Apple Cider Testing

Posted November 2019

Establishing an apple orchard is a major financial investment. Growers decide which varieties to grow long before they have fruit ready for sale. While much is known about consumer preferences for varieties of apples for fresh use, this is not the case for hard cider apple varieties. Do consumers want sweet hard ciders? Floral notes? The complex flavors and aromas resulting from high levels of tannins? The goal of the Apples to Apples Project was to help hard cider growers—and makers—select apple varieties for a high-quality, artisanal product. To accomplish this, researchers compared the results of laboratory analysis and tastings of single-varietal ciders to identify desirable flavor characteristics.

Download the full report (PDF)

Profiles of Hard Cider Apple Varieties (PDF)
This document is also included in the full report.