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Beginning Farmer Training

The Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems offers a range of training and educational opportunities for motivated individuals to learn from experienced growers and University specialists about starting a sustainable farm business.

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Classes For Farmers and Practitioners


A three-day workshop for people wanting to start an orchard business. Understand the business from site selection, land preparation, selecting varieties, maintenance, marketing, sales, management and more.

Apples on a tree Midwest school for beginning apple growers
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Urban Agriculture

Learn production and business practices of urban and peri-urban farming: land access, resource management, annual and perennial cropping systems, animal agriculture, with an emphasis on food justice and social equity.

Three people practicing urban agriculture School for
Urban Agriculture
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A two-day workshop designed to help new and beginning growers learn the ins-and-outs of producing and marketing cut flowers. Topics including variety selection, seed starting, planting, harvesting and more.

A variety of flowers Wisconsin Cut Flowers Growers School

Livestock and Dairy

The introductory edge you need to succeed in the pasture-based dairy and livestock business. It is the only program of its kind in the nation, and your best resource for an education in pasture-based dairy and livestock farming.

Farmers talking to each other Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers
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Serving new and beginning farmers of fresh market produce growers, emphasizing organic methods and direct marketing. Topics include fertility management, greenhouse use, season extension, and equipment needs.

Produce from a farmers market Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Growers

Classes For Agricultural Support Professionals

Organic Farming

An organic strawberry farm

Teaching organic dairy farmers how to manage their pasture acreage can enhance their success and profitability.

Organic pasture management and soil health training

Curriculum For High School Students

A young soybean plantToward a Sustainable Agriculture

A curriculum for high school students developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

Educators are welcome to adapt and reproduce sections of the curriculum for non-commercial use.

Access Toward a Sustainable Agriculture curriculum