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Farm to institution

Cultivating connections between regional farms and local cafeterias. Farm to school and other farm to institution efforts build nutritious lunch trays for eaters and viable markets for regional farmers and supply chain partners.


The Great Apple Crunch

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The Wisconsin Chili Lunch

Wisconsin Chili Lunch About the Wisconsin Chili Lunch

What Is Farm to Institution?

A healthy lunch trayFarm to school and farm to early care and education (ECE) center around efforts to serve local foods in school and early care and education settings, engage in food and nutrition education in the classroom, and provide experiential education including school gardens.  In Wisconsin, farm to school includes great tools, activities, and events including:

Food Service workers displaying a healthy lunchFarm to Institution is a more encompassing term that refers to connecting institutions including as schools, early childhood programs, hospitals, colleges, and business campuses with local and regional farmers, food producers, and vendors to provide food grown closer to home for food service programs and to build a strong local food system.

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Tools and Training

Farm to ECE Recipe Guide

A collection of twelve child-friendly recipes for the early childhood setting that feature seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Celebrating Seasonality Recipe Guide
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School Culinary Training Skills

Chop Chop Resource Guide

Free training videos to help school food service staff use more fresh, Wisconsin-grown fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

About the Chop! Chop! Program
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Grains To Trays

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Resources from across the grain value chain from growers to buyers to accelerate procurement of local grains.

About Grains To Trays

Farm to School Toolkits

Wisconsin Farm to School Toolkits for school nutrition programs and producers can help you create a successful farm to school program in your community.

Wisconsin Farm To School Toolkits

Projects and Collaborations

Publications and other resources

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