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Our Work

How the Center For Integrated Agricultural Systems fulfills the Wisconsin Idea, bridging UW-Madison and the rest of Wisconsin.

Current Research Topics

Research is central to our mission. We apply transdisciplinary, participatory, systems-oriented approaches to address emerging challenges in production agriculture and food systems.

Farming Systems 

A person pointing at the corn soil

How human and natural systems interact on the farm.

Including farm viability and beginner farmers, labor, soil health, grazing, cover crops, and emerging crops.


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Food Systems 

Vegetables in boxes

Businesses and people involved in wholesale markets and moving food to people. 

Including food transportation, farm to institution, dairy supply management, and local and regional food systems.

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Soybean plant leaves

Initiatives where CIAS is involved in the latest innovations in sustainable food and farming.

Including Organics, Grassland 2.0, Agriculture of the Middle, and other current research topics.

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Other CIAS Work

The Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems has a long history of research and information that support many types of agriculture including crop and animal farming, and cutting edge research from graduate students.


A tractor about to enter a crop field

Including cover crops, grain, fruits, soil and more.

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Student Research

Students from the FH King Program

Cutting edge student research on farming and food systems.

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Two dairy cattle

Including poultry, beef, dairy, other livestock, and grazing.

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Learning Opportunities

A group of people walking through an orchard in Fall

Want to learn more? There are a variety of professional development opportunities for motivated individuals to learn from experienced growers and University specialists about starting a sustainable farm business. There are also Madison campus opportunities for students to earn degrees and certificates, and participate in student organizations.

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More news
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Publications and Resources

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