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Food Systems

Food system research and projects from the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems addressing issues across the food supply chain including processing, distribution, markets, policy, purchasing and consumption, with an emphasis on the environment, health, and society.

Current CIAS Food System Work

Farm To Institution

Food in a box to go

Bridging the space between the farm and institutions including Farm To School, Farm to Business, and more.

About Farm To Institution
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Food Transportation

distribution of cold chain product

The transport of perishable foods, from farm to wholesale markets through intermediated supply chains.

About Food Transportation
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Dairy Growth Management

Dairy cows in front of a barn

How consumers can rely on a steady supply of dairy products and how dairy farmers can retain a secure stream of revenue.

About Dairy Growth Management


Lessons from COVID19 – Positioning Regional Food Supply Chains is a collaboration with five universities to document regional supply chain responses to disruption.

COVID19 & Regional Supply Chains
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Key Concept: Agriculture of the Middle

A farm surrounded by agriculture fields

Creating strategic alliances among farmers, processors, distributors and retailers to reach consumers who care about the impacts of their food purchases. Supporting keeping farmers and ranchers on the land.

About Agriculture of
the Middle
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Key Concept: Foodsheds

How carrots are grown

Where does your food come from? What does it mean to live in a foodshed and eat from that region?

About Coming into the Foodshed

Key Concept: Tiers of the Food System

food systems framework

Where do you participate in the food system? This conceptual framework will help you identify where you are actively engaged in food system work.

About Tiers of the Food System
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Publications and Other Resources