Wheat Red Clover
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In house publications on research from faculty and staff connected to CIAS are available here.

We apply multidisciplinary, participatory, systems-oriented approaches to address emerging challenges in production agriculture and the food system. CIAS’ model of inquiry welcomes research that is basic or applied; occurs in the field or lab; and may be short- or long-term. We convene collaborative research teams that integrate the biological and social sciences, and humanities, into research characterized by rigorous experimental design, hypothesis testing, analysis and synthesis. Results are strategically communicated through both peer-reviewed publications and outreach to farmers, consultants and other practitioners. This approach closely links our research activities, research outcomes and outreach activities.

With an emphasis on integration, CIAS possesses the capacity to address complex environmental, economic and social challenges through long-term research that transcends typical grant cycles.

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Abstract ear of wheat field
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