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Farm Viability

Research, tools, and information on how farmers can build and maintain an economically viable farm business.

Compass tools

Compass Tools help farmers with data-driven decision-making to become more profitable and sustainable. The CIAS Compass Toolbox contains a suite of whole farm profit management spreadsheet tools to help farmers understand their costs of production, identify what products and markets are best for them, and identify ways to improve profitability. Compass Workshops help train farmers and service providers to use these tools.

Livestock Compass

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Ograin logo Access OGRAIN Compass
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Veggie Compass

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Heifer Grazing Compass

Heifers Grazing in a field Access the Heifer Grazing Compass
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Beef Grazing Compass

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Fruit & Nut Compass

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Hemp Compass

This decision support tool is for anyone interested in growing hemp or for existing hemp growers to analyze and manage their operation.

Learn More and Download the Hemp Compass

Dariy Supply Management

Dairy cows in front of a barnHow consumers can rely on a steady supply of dairy products and how dairy farmers can retain a secure stream of revenue.

About Dairy Supply Management

Publications and other resources

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