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Dairy Growth Management

Dairy growth management is one potential strategy to address dairy farm profitability and market volatility. CIAS launched efforts to bring farmer voices to the policy table to address dairy growth management strategies.

Web Tool

What would a growth management policy mean for my farm? CIAS worked with dairy economists to develop a web app so farmers can enter farm-specific data and see how the policy would impact your business over the next four years.

Web app
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Video Tutorial

Watch this walk through video to see how to enter data and interpret results.

Web app video
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Growth Management Report & Video

Dairy Economists Mark Stephenson and Chuck Nicholson present their report on the growth management policy mechanism, discuss model designs, and share how such policy would impact milk prices, price variability, farm profitability and market outcomes.

Detailed policy analysis

Global Dairy Trends

Torsten Hemme, economist with ICFN webinar April 2020

Global Trends Apr 2020

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