Summer Research Minigrant Program

2015 - Anderson, Berezowitz, Freidrich, Galleguillo, Keeley, Morgul, Peterson, Raynor, Stevens, Ugoretz

With support from a CIAS mini-grant, Claire Berezowitz laid the groundwork for evaluating farm to school programs in Wisconsin. Claire is pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology. 

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Sarah Janes Ugoretz’s CIAS mini-grant research explored how certified organic vegetable farmers in Wisconsin are supporting, and might enhance, social and economic sustainability for themselves and their employees.


Mitigating Climate Change through Cultivating Cooperative Values among Organic Dairy Farmers

Student Researcher: Kathryn Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Kleinman, CE Sociology


Healthy Farm-to-School Meals: Empowering Children and Families as Change-Agents in Urban Cchools

Student Researcher: Claire Berezowitz
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Gaddis, Civil Society and Community Studies


Perennial Bioenergy Cropping Systems and Pollinator Habitat: Understanding the impact of pollinator conservation borders on native pollinator communities

Student Researcher: Kiley Freidrich
Faculty Advisor: Claudio Gratton, Entomology / Agroecology


Assessment of Woodlands Grazing Intensity in the Kickapoo Valley

Student Researcher: Nicolas Galleguillo
Faculty Advisor: Steve Ventura, Soils


Development of Best Management Practices for Innovative Agroforestry Systems

Student Researcher: Keefe Keeley
Faculty Advisor: Steve Ventura, Agroecology


Urban “Ecological Markets” in Turkey: Enrolling Underprivileged Consumers and Producers

Student Researcher: Kerem Morgul
Faculty Advisor: Michael Bell, Agroecology


Wild-rice and Climate Change: A Case Study

Student Researcher: Diana Peterson
Faculty Advisor: Eve Emshwiller, Botany


The Bio-Economics of a Predator-Prey System: An Analysis of Optimal Wolf Management

Student Researcher: Jennifer Raynor
Faculty Advisor: Corbett Grainger, Agriculture Economics


Fish Consumption Advisory Awareness in Madison, Wisconsin: Assessing Message Clarity among High-Consumption Minority Angling Groups

Student Researcher: Andy Stevens
Faculty Advisor: Peter McIntyre, Zoology / Center for Limnology


Community Gardeners and Their Understanding of Resilience

Student Researcher: Sarah Janes Ugoretz
Faculty Advisor: Michael Bell, Nelson Institute