Summer Research Minigrant Program

2016 - Chavez, Dundore, Geiger, Hanson, Imhoff, Kniffin, Krishnan, Nardi, Nolden, Richards, Santiago-Avila, Wilson

Maribeth Kniffin’s research on high capacity groundwater pumping for irrigated agriculture in Wisconsin’s Central Sands region may inform best management practices for agricultural and water resources.

Jeannine Richards wants to better understand the potential for agriculture land in the tropics to support both conservation and farmers. 

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Kavya Krishnan received a CIAS mini-grant to study the seasonal dynamics of carbon and nitrogen cycling in the long-term Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial (WICST). 

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With support from a CIAS mini-grant, Anne Nardi interviewed household shoppers around Madison to better understand their local food preferences, how they identify local produce at the supermarket, and the effectiveness of grocery store local produce labels.


Cranberry Pest Biocontrol: Ecology of Odonates in Commercial Production
Student Researcher:
Maria Chavez
Faculty Advisor: Shawn Steffan, Agroecology


Food Systems Racial Equity Assessment in Action 
Student Researcher:
Lexa Dundore
Faculty Advisor: Alfonso Morales, URPL


Demonstrating Hop Production in WI
Student Researcher:
Mike Geiger
Faculty Advisor: Sara Paterson, Horticulture


Consumer-Engaged Participatory Plant Breeding Model Comparison & Beet Flavor Breeding  
Student Researcher:
Solveig Hanson
Faculty Advisor: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture


Impact of Conservation Projects on Indigenous Communities
Student Researcher:
Malorie Imhoff
Faculty Advisor: Steve Ventura, Nelson Institute


Integrating Hydrogeological and Permaculture Design Science for Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture and Water Use in Central Sands, WI
Student Researcher:
Maribeth Kniffin
Faculty Advisor: Ken Genskow, Ken Bradbury, Nelson Institute


Evaluating the Effect of WICST Cropping Systems on Active Soil C and N Pools
Student Researcher:
Kavya Krishnan
Faculty Advisor: Matt Ruark, Soils / Agronomy


How Do Consumers Identify Local Produce in the Grocery Store?
Student Researcher:
Anna Nardi
Faculty Advisor: Brett Shaw, Life Sciences Communication


Integrated Organic Brush Management and Goat Production 
Student Researcher:
Cherrie Nolden
Faculty Advisor: Dan Schaeffer, Animal Science


Conservation of Botanical Diversity in Shade Coffee Agroecosystems
Student Researcher:
Jeannine Richards
Faculty Advisor: Don Waller, Nelson Institute


Testing Non-Lethal Interventions to Prevent Attacks on Livestock
Student Researcher:
Francisco Santiago-Avila
Faculty Advisor: Adrian Treves, Nelson Institute


Assessing Existing Infrastructure for Scaling Up Food Systems  
Student Researcher:
Marlie Wilson
Faculty Advisor: Alfonso Morales, URPL