Summer Research Minigrant Program

2017 - Bugel, Cotton, Dower, Eisner, Grace, Hemberger, Jessee, Lanker, Mino, Pfeiffer, Potter-Weight, Reynolds, Schreiber, Steussy-Williams, Suerth, Wang

CIAS mini-grant recipient Jamie Bugel is studying the potential for a savory Chilean corn variety—choclo—to diversify the flavor and vigor of vegetable corn varieties. 

With support from a CIAS mini-grant, Natalie Eisner conducted on-farm testing of a boom-mounted pheromone application system, to facilitate grower adoption of this technology.

Supported by a CIAS mini-grant, Laura Jessee (left) and Alex Steussy-Williams worked with agricultural educators and farmers to create a curriculum for this program.

Andrew Schreiber’s mini-grant research considered the costs of water allocation restrictions—both mandated and market-based—for agricultural use, and the societal benefits of such restrictions.

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With support from the CIAS mini-grant program, Dantrell Cotton conducted interviews and focus groups with neighborhood residents on food accessibility and affordability, as well as their interest in supporting a community food cooperative. 

With CIAS mini-grant support, Jacob Grace created a video that documents the use of private cattle grazing for habitat management on DNR grasslands, and explains the process of conservation grazing. 

Supported by a CIAS mini-grant, Marisa Lanker’s research identified farmers’ actual and perceived results and challenges in growing this novel crop, bringing their voices to the process.

Lauren Suerth’s research, supported by a CIAS mini-grant, describes the processes associated with renting, purchasing and transferring agricultural land, and how those relate to different social, political, and financial institutions.

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Mini-grant recipient Becca Dower worked with the Intertribal Agriculture Council on their tribally-supported agriculture program, which will distribute Native American-grown foods to Native American communities.

Jeremy Hemberger received CIAS mini-grant support for floral surveys in Central Wisconsin as a first step in modeling floral resources in agro-ecosystems for bumble bees.

With support from the CIAS mini-grant program, Leah Potter-Weight and Jules Reynolds examined how local belief systems, values and customs impact the development of livestock practices such as managed grazing, and perennial agroforestry systems, in this community.


On-Farm Breeding and Selection of Choclo

Student Researcher: Bugel, Jamie

Faculty Advisor: Bill Tracy, Agroecology


Allied Community Cooperative

Student Researcher: Cotton, Dantrell

Faculty Advisor: Monica White, Steve Ventura, Alfonso Morales, Nelson Institute


Traditional Foods and Food Sovereignty Among Native Communities

Student Researcher: Dower, Becca

Faculty Advisor: Patty Loew, Human Ecology


Mating Disruption in Cranberries

Student Researcher: Eisner, Natalie

Faculty Advisor: Brian Luck (BSE), Shawn Steffan (Entomology)


Conservation Grazing on DNR Grasslands

Student Researcher: Grace, Jacob

Faculty Advisor: Mark Renz, Agroecology


Spatiotemporal Floral Resources and Bumble Bee Abundance in WI Cranberry Agroecosystems

Student Researcher: Hemberger, Jeremy

Faculty Advisor: Claudio Gratton, Entomology


Apprenticeship Program for Organic Veg Growers

Student Researcher: Jessee, Laura

Faculty Advisor: Julie Dawson, Agroecology



Student Researcher: Lanker, Marisa

Faculty Advisor: Michael Bell, Agroecology


Mangroves for the Future Project Eval

Student Researcher: Mino, Jessica

Faculty Advisor: Nathan Schulfer, Nelson Institute


Urban Bees

Student Researcher: Pfeiffer, Vera

Faculty Advisor: Janet Sibernagel, Nelson Institute


Livestock Management – LAND Project

Student Researcher: Potter-Weight, Leah

Faculty Advisor: Michael Bell, Agroecology


Agroforestry – LAND Project

Student Researcher: Reynolds, Jules

Faculty Advisor: Michael Bell, Agroecology


Ag Water Use in the Central Sands

Student Researcher: Schreiber, Andrew

Faculty Advisor: Thomas Rutherford, Corbett Grainger, Agricultural and Applied Economics


Apprenticeship Program for Organic Veg Growers

Student Researcher: Steussy-Williams, Alex

Faculty Advisor: Julie Dawson, Agroecology


Accessing Agricultural Land

Student Researcher: Suerth, Lauren

Faculty Advisor: Alfonso Morales, URPL


Downy Mildew Resistance for Cucumber Production

Student Researcher: Wang, Yuhui

Faculty Advisor: Yiqun Weng, Plant Breeding