Summer Research Minigrant Program

2022 - Baker, Bird, Henegan, Melone, Ncwadi, Richmond, Schuer, Skye-Harnsberger, Wilson


The preservation of traditional Ch’orti’ agroecological practices through multimedia resources in Chiquimula, Guatemala 

Student researcher: Meg Baker, Agroecology

Faculty advisor: Julie Dawson, Horticulture


Clallam Growers Collective: A case study of solidarity economies in agroecological movements 

Student researcher: Elena Bird, Agroecology

Faculty advisor: Nan Enstad, Community and Environmental Sociology


Adapting to Climate Change: Community-Based Perspectives from Smallholder Farmers in Southern Zambia 

Student researcher: Colleen Henegan, Nelson Institute

Faculty advisor: Chris Kucharik, Agronomy


Understanding the Effect of Thermal Heterogeneity on Pollinator Visitation in Agroforestry Systems 

Student researcher: Grace Melone, Entomology

Faculty advisor: James Crall, Entomology


Wisconsin’s “Biological Ferrari”: Marbled Grassfed Wagyu Beef 

Student researcher: Mpumelelo Ncwadi, School of Human Ecology

Faculty advisor: Randy Jackson, Agronomy


Denaturalizing the nuclear family: relationality on farming cooperatives 

Student researcher: Emma Richmond, School of Human Ecology

Faculty advisor: Jennifer Gaddis, SOHE-Civil Society and Community


Influence of rye cover crop on microbial activity 

Student researcher: Monica Schauer, Agroecology

Faculty advisor: Matt Ruark, Soil Science


The effects of grazing management and intensity on grassland butterfly abundance and diversity 

Student researcher: Anna Skye-Harnsberger, Entomology

Faculty advisor: Claudio Gratton, Entomology


Culinary Evaluation of Experimental Corn 

Student researcher: Alexa Wilson, Agronomy

Faculty advisor: Bill Tracy, Agronomy