Summer Research Minigrant Program

2023 - Canfield, Gobster, Huff, Lawler, Lebowitz, Lee, Pessereau, Schoenberger, Sommer, Yang, Yi
John Canfield Photo

John Canfield explored how a complex network of ranchers, conservation groups, and community organizations in Montana’s Northern Great Plains work to promote resiliency.

Lawler Lawler Photo

Laura Lawler analyzes global Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) conceptual frameworks and governance strategies, supported with a case study of CSA implementation in Zambia.

Eliza Pessereau Photo

Eliza Pessereau investigated the use of flowering cover crops to provide habitat for wild pollinators and support pollination of nearby crops.

Doee Yang Photo

Doee Yang uses aerial mapping to quantify air emissions from rotationally grazed dairy pastures.

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Delaney Gobster Photo

Delaney Gobster (left) worked with UW-Madison students and community partners to promote local gleaning initiatives, developing the Wisconsin Food Access project.

Ben Lebowitz Photo

Ben Lebowitz is connecting with stakeholders and experts in the Colorado River Basin to investigate farmer/producer responses to shifting water prices.

Erica Shoenberger Photo

Erica Shoenberger explored agronomic management practices to maintain grain yields overtime in the perennial grain and forage crop, Kernza, on research stations and farms throughout Wisconsin.

Yoonghong Yi photo

Yoonhong Yi is designing a ventilation system for an old tie-stall building, which is being repurposed to house calves.

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Celeste Huff Photo

Celeste Huff worked with cranberry growers to understand their opinions and trusted resources for cranberry management practices.

Tristian Lee Photo

Tristian Lee worked with urban and peri-urban farmers in Montréal, Québec to understand the growing role of women and queer youth in urban agriculture.

Andrew Sommer is investigating the role of muscid flies in disease transmission on dairy farms - Michael P. King:UW–Madison CALS

Andrew Sommer is investigating the role of muscid flies in disease transmission on dairy farms. (Photo credit: Michael P. King/UW–Madison CALS)


Rurality as Relations: Organizational networks, multispecies interactions, and place-based knowledge in north central Montana’s changing socio-ecological landscape
Student Researcher: John Canfield, Sociology
Faculty Advisor: Katherine Curtis, Sociology

Geographies of Food Excess and Access: Visualizing Dane County foodscapes
Student Researcher: Delaney Gobster, Geography

Faculty Advisor: Holly Gibbs, Geography

To explore the root causes of food excess and access issues within the Dane county community and the greater Wisconsin foodscape, the Wisconsin Food Access (WiFA) project was founded at the start of the spring 2023 semester. As a campus-community collaborative, WiFA integrates community-based learning within UW-Madison coursework, while supporting organizations within our local food system.

Pressures and incentives for cranberry management practices
Student Researcher: Celeste Huff, Agroecology and Entomology

Faculty Advisor: Shawn Steffan, Entomology

The political ecology of climate-smart agriculture
Student Researcher: Laura Lawler, Geography

Faculty Advisor: Matt Turner, Geography

Examining the effects of increased water prices to agricultural producers in the Colorado River basin
Student Researcher: Ben Lebowitz, Environment and Resources

Faculty Advisor: Chuck Nicholson, Agricultural & Applied Economics

Growing Resistance: An analysis of Montreal’s urban agriculture
Student Researcher: Tristian Lee, Sociology and Community and Environmental Sociology
Faculty Advisor: Nan Enstad, Community and Environmental Sociology

Evaluation of flowering cover crops to support wild pollinators in Wisconsin
Student Researcher: Eliza Pessereau, Agroecology and Entomology

Faculty Advisor: Claudio Gratton, Entomology

Managing inter-row spacing and nitrogen fertility in dual-use Kernza intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) to sustain grain yield over time
Student Researcher: Erica Shoenberger, Agronomy and Environment and Resources

Faculty Advisor: Valentin Picasso, Agronomy

Genetic diversity of mastitis-associated bacterial isolates from stable flies in Wisconsin dairy barns
Student Researcher: Andrew Sommer, Bacteriology
Faculty Advisor: Kerri Coon, Bacteriology

Aerial mapping of ammonia emissions from rotationally grazed dairy pastures
Student Researcher: Doee Yang, Biological Systems Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Neslihan Akdeniz, Biological Systems Engineering

Ventilation design for calf barns
Student Researcher: Yoonhong Yi, Biological Systems Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Neslihan Akdeniz, Biological Systems Engineering