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Research, news, tools and training related to vegetable crops and vegetable farms.


Tools and Training

Veggie compass

a variety of harvested vegetables

A farm management tool for diversified fresh market vegetable growers. Using cost, sales and labor data, the spreadsheet calculates the cost of production for each crop and the profitability of each market channel.

How to use the Veggie compass
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Beginning Grower School

rapeseed flower field

3-day training program emphasizing organic methods and direct marketing. Topics include crop production, post-harvest handling, marketing, pricing, economics, labor and small scale equipment, and more.

Beginning Grower School
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Urban agriculture

woman are picking vegetable in the greenhouse

Learn production and business practices of urban and peri-urban farming: land access, resource management, annual and perennial cropping systems, animal agriculture, with an emphasis on food justice and social equity.

School for Urban Agriculture

Publications and Other Resources

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