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CIAS has been working with researchers, educators, and practitioners of grazing and other perennial farming systems in Wisconsin for over thirty years.

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Tools and training

Livestock Compass

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Tools to help farmers with data-driven decision-making to become more profitable and sustainable.

Access the Livestock Compass Tool
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Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers

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The introductory edge you need to succeed in the pasture-based dairy and livestock business.

Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers

Perrennial food crops and dairy supply management

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Dairy Supply Management

Dairy cows in front of a barn About Dairy Supply Management

Publications and other resources

+ Featured research

On-farm research explores the linkages between pasture management, soil health and ecosystem services. Research focused on identifying valuable and reliable soil health measurements that are responsive to management can provide farmers with tools to manage their systems to improve and track soil health.

More Publications and other resources


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