Red clover
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Perennial Food Crops

CIAS is working with Wisconsin farmers to create more resilient farms with perennial food crops that can be harvested year-after-year. We work on both production and supply chain challenges.

Small Grains

High-value food grade grains can improve the diversity and sustainability of
agricultural systems in the Upper Midwest. Perennial grains such as kernza can provide even more ecosystem benefits.



Winter Wheat and Kernza


Bowl with hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are an emerging new crop for the Upper Midwest with significant economic and environmental benefits. Through research, industry development, and outreach education we are working to realize the vision of our early-adopter growers: to create a sustainable hazelnut industry modeled after the oak savanna and based on our native American hazelnut.

Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative Hazelnut Story Map


Eco Apples

Locally grown apples

The program encourages on-farm innovation, professional development, participatory research, and civic engagement.

CIAS Eco-Fruit Program Receives Wisconsin Idea Award Program Supports Growers with Networking and Coaching
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Dierdre Birmingham, The Cider Farm. Photo credit: Michelle Miller

CIAS is working with Wisconsin cider businesses to assess and address the needs and challenges of the state’s burgeoning cider industry.

Comparing Apples to Apples Hard Cider in the North Central Region Apple to Glass in WI, WA, MI, VT

Uncommon Fruit

Aronia berries on the vine, one of many uncommon fruits

Want to learn more about fruits like aronia, currants, saskatoon, and even jostaberries?  Information to help hobbyists, backyard gardeners, nutritionists, environmentalists and commercial fruit growers  select plants for an integrated cropping system that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Explore Uncommon Fruit

Tools and training

The Fruit & Nut Compass

A forward-looking planning and decision support tool to help you plan a viable perennial crop enterprises and evaluate the investment and eventual returns over a 15 year time horizon.

Access the Fruit & Nut Compass

Apple growers in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa discuss their orchards and their efforts to supply the region with local apples.

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Apple Grower Training

A three-day workshop for people wanting to start an orchard business. Understand the business from site selection, land preparation, selecting varieties, maintenance, marketing, sales, management and more.

School for Beginning Apple Growers

Stories from the Field: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Park III: Reducing Pesticides in Apple Production

Publications and other resources

More Publications and other resources
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