Red clover
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Perennial Food Crops

​CIAS is working with Wisconsin farmers to create more resilient farms with perennial crops that can be harvested year-after-year.

For more information contact:

  • Michelle Miller
    Associate Director

    1535 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706


Eco Apples

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Uncommon Fruit

Tools and training

Fruit and Nut Compass

A forward-looking planning tool to help people plan perennial crop enterprises and evaluate the investment and eventual returns on investment over a 15 year planning horizon.

Fruit and Nut Compass Tools
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Beginning Farmer Training

The Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems offers a range of training and educational opportunities for motivated individuals to learn from experienced growers and specialists.

Beginning Farmer Training
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Apple Grower Training

A three-day workshop for people wanting to start an orchard business. Understand the business from site selection, land preparation, selecting varieties, maintenance, marketing, sales, management and more.

School for Beginning Apple Growers

Publications and other resources

More Publications and other resources
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