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Local and Regional Food Systems

Key research, news, and projects about local and regional food systems from CIAS.

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Key project work

Local food in Madison

Gauging the specifics of demand for regionally sourced products, exploring distribution and infrastructure needs and opportunities, and identifying areas of greatest potential for future collaboration.

News: Exploring demand
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Tiers of the food system

In order to better understand production and consumption relationships across the food system, researchers identify five different levels of relationships between food producers and consumers.

News: New Way of Thinking
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Defining a Foodshed

The foodshed can provide a place for us to ground ourselves in the biological and social realities of living on the land and from the land in a place that we can call home, a place to which we are or can become native.

News: Coming into the Foodshed


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Publications and other resources

More publications and other resources

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