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Food transportation

CIAS conducts many gatherings for farmers and their strategic business partners to understand food system concerns. A primary challenge is food transportation, distribution, and supply chains, especially for new products like organic and grass fed, perishable products that require refrigeration, and for new products to reach wholesale markets.

To understand how the food system could be better organized to serve innovative farmers who are ready for wholesale markets, we initiated a set of participatory action research projects. Below is a list of those research projects on how food moves to market, from current to older projects, linked to more information and findings.

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Projects and Collaborations

US Food Flows

Research to better understand national food that is directly consumed by U.S. residents, with a focus on “diet essential”, high-value, cold-chain dependent foods.

About the US
Food Flows research
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Regional Food Freight: Chicago

Research presenting three innovations with proofs of concept that could be applied widely in the region and beyond to improve food distribution.

Report: Regional Food Freight -Lessons from the Chicago region
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Rural Groceries

Project work underway

About Rural Groceries

Upper Midwest Agriculture Transportation

Estimating the future demands on agricultural freight transport in the Upper Midwest U.S. due to climate change using remote sensing and regional climate models.

Agriculture, Transportation and Climate Change
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A collaboration to build understanding between transportation engineers and food system researchers and begin our exploration of supply chain infrastructure for wholesale perishable foods.

About the CFIRE collaboration

Publications and other resources

More research
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